Friday, January 6, 2017

FRIDAY - back into the groove


Happy New Year to you all, you straight up crushed it in 2016. So, with a fresh new year/day/moment, let's be proactive about finding and creating opportunities for ourselves and each other. Start small, go big, make adjustments - every bit counts; go forth and conquer. 

As usual, new reads enclosed.  Enjoy!

2016 in Review: A few cracks in Bay Area’s red-hot housing market - In the Bay Area housing market, supply and demand means not much supply and way too much demand. As a result, the cost of a single-family home has skyrocketed in recent years.

Bay Area rental market softens - Cooling attributed to three factors: the construction of thousands of units of new housing for renters around the region, the typical seasonal slowdown in rent growth at year’s end, and the fact that “the market has already gone up so much that it can’t sustain any more rent increases.”

One more time: Housing appreciates in Bay Area, but modestly - CoreLogic, the real estate information service, has issued its latest Home Price Index and it shows what we already know – that Bay Area housing prices continued to climb in the past year, though not at the wicked rate of previous years.

Affordable Housing for Artists: Santa Cruz Shows Bay Area How It’s Done - In the wake of the Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland, cities all over the country are looking into what they can do to create more affordable housing for artists that doesn’t trade basic safety for cheap rent. One answer lies to the south, with the Tannery Arts Center in Santa Cruz.

Santa Clara County and San Jose in legal fight over $40 million in tax revenue - A four-year court battle between San Jose and Santa Clara County over $40 million in property taxes might soon be decided by the state’s highest court, settling a longstanding dispute over which government agency gets to keep the cash.

Great Home Project: Install a Rain Garden - These beautiful and environmentally friendly landscape additions have a place in wet and dry climates. Some of my faves:

Capitol Hill Rain Garden

Banyon Tree Design Portfolio

Banyon Tree Design Portfolio

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