I believe that no matter what state the real estate market is in, the truth remains that decisions about your home are intimately connected with... your family relationships; the nature, substance, and volume of your work; the activities you have the time, space, and money to participate in during your leisure; and nearly every other area of your life. 

As the person who helps you find that physical manifestation of home (whether you’re new or seasoned), I consider myself incredibly lucky to have that honor - especially in this special part of the world that has some of the most beautiful towns in the nation. My blog mirrors my passion for sharing insights about housing trends and current events in a timely and timeless manner. I encourage my audience to understand what's going on in the Bay Area, how it could affect them, then to negotiate in the spirit of the market.

Before diving into a full time career in real estate, I've benefited from over 15 years of experience in corporate creative services performing in the capacities of marketing, advertising, and graphic design. I've served various clients from auto mechanics, doctors, and lawyers, to restaurant franchises, technology companies, hospitals, and more. 

As a full time Realtor, I serve all of the Silicon Valley. My business has been built patiently throughout the years and reflects a level of attention and service that is not dependent upon closing a transaction today. I'm proud to have so many people put their trust in me and I look forward to the opportunity to serve you. 

When I'm not Real Estatin' The Facts, you can usually find me... training for the next half marathon; in search of interesting architectural details wherever my travels take me; or hanging out at a museum or local art gallery. 

Thanks again for visiting my blog. I will always be available for personal service by phone or email to answer any questions you may have about real estate or the Silicon Valley Community. Please bookmark my site and visit often or please call me anytime.

Let's get started!

Jo-Ann Do, Realtor
Cal BRE #01861993

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