Friday, August 11, 2017

FRIDAY - making breakfast for dinner

- 10 Ways to Make Weeknights Feel More Special
- Scammers Target Real Estate Buyers Through Email Schemes
- Higher Housing Prices and Tight Inventory Drag Down California Housing Affordability
- 2017 Begins with Spike in Number of Renters Shopping for Homes
- Former Sunnyvale mobile home park to become 108-unit housing project
- BART stations in Milpitas and Berryessa won’t open early after all
- Decorating Master Class: 10 Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them


Friday, August 4, 2017

FRIDAY - wrapped up in daisy chains

- Dwarf Citrus Trees Offer Miniature Size With Maximum Flavor
- Homeowners Can Spend More Than $9,000 a Year on Hidden Homeownership and Maintenance Costs
- Here’s what $500,000 will get you in the Bay Area housing market
- Bay Area real estate prices between a simmer and a boil
- Report: Rents rise in San Jose for sixth straight month
- San Jose flood response: An ‘A’ in aftermath, ‘F’ in foresight
- 9 Smart Charging-Station Solutions for Decluttering Your Cables

Extra credit reading:
- Addressing California’s Greatest Real Estate Need


Friday, July 28, 2017

FRIDAY - find your temple

5 Invaluable Lessons From a Landscape Architect
- Homeownership is a Sound Investment
- Bay Area real estate: Home prices leap to yet another record high
- What Silicon Valley employees are doing with their red-hot stock grants
- Here's where the Bay Area's 'best-value' neighborhoods are located, according to Trulia
- These Bay Area homes were built by Joseph Eichler to be affordable and now cost millions
- 10 Low-Maintenance, High-Fun Backyards


Friday, July 21, 2017

FRIDAY - may your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears

- Could Technology Make You More Neighborly?
- Bay Area real estate: Region leads California in cost per square foot — and the tightest housing supply
- Bay Area rent increases leave wage gains in the dust
- Steph Curry did it. How do you lose money in the Bay Area real-estate market?
- The Cost of a Hot Economy in California: A Severe Housing Crisis
- What Do Home Buyers Buy after Moving
- Sheds for Every Kind of Garden

For extra credit reading:
- Can San Jose Revitalize Local Food and Farms in Silicon Valley?
- 5 Healthcare Trends Impacting Medical Real Estate In The Bay Area
- Six Trends Poised to Reshape Homeownership Demand