Friday, December 30, 2016

FRIDAY - rushing till the end

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Ah, the last entry of 2016 before we rush off into the new year. The whoosh sound of the new year is quite thrilling. Naturally, I look forward to serving your needs and helping you figure out some of those twist and turns for your real estate milestones. Onward and upward. Always. 

Enjoy the articles!

San Jose: Work begins on Midtown project with 800 housing units - The property, adjacent to Del Monte Park, was previously owned by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority and served as a bus lot. Green Republic bought 5.25 acres from VTA in 2006, but the $18 million sale wasn’t finalized until 2013. Green Republic later bought the remaining three acres from a private owner for $2 million, giving the project a footprint of about one city block.

Silicon Valley's 'prosperity paradox' - Culwell and Grant describe a profound empathy gap between Silicon Valley's highest earners and the nonprofits in their area. The co-authors dub this the "prosperity paradox." Basically, neither side has any idea what the other is thinking or feeling — and in the case of Silicon Valley's wealthiest, that the other side exists at all.

Top-Tier U.S. Home Values Lag Behind Rapid Growth - America’s most expensive homes are lagging behind their middle and bottom-tier peers, which have seen values rise rapidly since last year, according to Zillow’s November report released Thursday. The median value of a “top-tier” U.S. home, which Zillow defines as the top-third of the market, increased 4.8% since last November. That’s slower than middle-tier homes, which grew 6.4% and a snail’s pace compared to the bottom third, which appreciated 9% from November 2015 to November 2016, according to Mansion Global’s analysis of Zillow data.

Bay Area homes: As mortgage rates increase, how much more will buyers pay? - low rates combined with the tight housing supply have driven up prices in recent years, bringing out buyers and setting the stage for bidding wars. Now that rates are going up — generally seen as a sign of an improving economy — price appreciation may finally flatten and employers might even dole out some raises, putting additional money in homeowners’ pockets.

Bay Area economists look to a cooler future - Will the Bay Area economy remain strong in 2017? What’s in store for commercial and residential real estate? How will Trump’s election affect our region? Four local economists to weigh in.

Refresh Your Home With 12 Updates That Won’t Break the Bank - Bring new life to your home in time for the new year. Some of my favorites:

Cheerful Bedroom with Gallery Wall

Modern, Pet-friendly Home

Tribeca Penthouse

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