Friday, March 6, 2015


- Building Permits: When a Permit Is Required and When It's Not
- Sticker shock stalls downsizing boomers
- Dreaming Big: Americans Still Yearning for Larger Homes
- New Report Shows Urban Demographics Shifting
- Income Inequality Hits the Housing Market
- Storage Tricks for Those Who Love Their Stuff


Sticker shock stalls downsizing boomers - While members of the baby boom generation were expected to downsize out of their large suburban homes, many are not and it is creating a major problem for the housing market. This is because it is preventing the supply of much needed inventory to the market. They are staying put longer, and causing a huge shortage of available inventory. High prices in the market have limited their options for downsizing to urban areas that are more walkable and sky-high rents have also left their options limited.

Dreaming Big: Americans Still Yearning for Larger Homes - Do boomers have different house-size preferences than their younger counterparts, and just what size homes do Americans really want? Trulia set out to determine the answers to these questions in a new survey that examined the discrepancy between people’s ideal residence size and the current size of the residences, among other factors.

New Report Shows Urban Demographics Shifting - New research shows that there has been a reversal in the urban-suburban divide in education, income, and race in U.S. cities. The reversal is that a thriving urban core is now surrounded by a ring of suburbs with older housing, older residents, and more poverty, whereas previously communities have been characterized by a ring of thriving suburbs surrounding a decaying city center. Since 1990, urban downtowns and central neighborhoods have attracted "significantly more" young, educated, high-income residents. In central Charlotte, for instance, the percentage of adults with a four-year college degree rose from 20 percent to 52 percent.

Income Inequality Hits the Housing Market - The fastest growth in new housing is at the high end, where sales are increasing the most. Overall, the biggest gain in sales of new homes last year was for properties costing $500,000 and up, with a 17.3 percent increase, while sales of the least expensive houses tumbled 11.4 percent. Coverage of the housing market’s recovery has been an uneven recovery with sales of more expensive houses outpacing the broader market, which reflects income inequality and the short supply of lower-priced housing.

Storage Tricks for Those Who Love Their Stuff - Get ideas for clearing the decks without getting rid of all the lovely things you want to keep around. Here are some of my favorites:

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