Friday, August 1, 2014


4 Obstacles to Decluttering — and How to Beat Them

Obstacles to decluttering and how to beat them, pricey home sales hit record in the Bay Area, Reasons the housing market could improve in the second half of 2014, Silicon Valley rents rise $390/month since 2012, Realtors seek to ban shill bids, Japantown apartment project, property lines in pictures. 


Pricey home sales hit record in Bay Area - Fueled by the booming tech economy and seemingly insatiable demand for housing, the Bay Area set records in the second quarter of this year in the number of homes sold for $1 million or more as well as those costing at least $2 million, a real estate information service said Thursday.

Four Reasons the Housing Market Could Improve in the Second Half of 2014 - The housing market’s performance over the first six months of the year left a lot to be desired.  But while the Federal Reserve says the housing market has “lost traction,” based in large part on this year’s underperformance in residential construction and low household formation, Redfin expects the market in urban areas to regain its footing over the second half of 2014. The pace of sales, prices, foot traffic and inventory all point to steady progress into late summer. After an abysmal first quarter that drove a disappointing first half, housing will be playing catch-up for the year.

Silicon Valley rents rise $390 a month since 2012 - Rapid growth in white-collar tech jobs — coupled with closely related growth in professional services fields and lower-paying service sector jobs — has intensified competition for housing at all income levels. The rental housing market is especially hard-pressed, with dual demand from well-paid tech talent seeking low-maintenance rentals and low- or middle-income residents priced out of home ownership.

Realtors seek to ban ‘shill' bids - A little-known practice in which auction companies privately bid on the properties they’re selling is pitting two real estate groups against each other. On the one side are real estate auction firms like Irvine-based that defend the practice. On the other is the California Association of Realtors, which calls the practice “shill bidding.”

Japantown apartment project revived as Silicon Valley rental market surges - An 8-acre industrial site in San Jose's Japantown neighborhood is back in play for apartments, as continued strength in the region's rental market revives long-dormant plans up and down Silicon Valley.

7 Money-Saving Moving Tips - Found a place you love? Congratulations on your upcoming move. But moving can be expensive and is almost always stressful. To keep your budget in check, here are some money-saving moving tips.

Where Front Yards Collide: Property Lines in Pictures - Some could be twins; others channel the Odd Couple. You may never look at property boundaries the same way again. Some of my favorites:

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