Monday, July 7, 2014


11 Things to Expect With Your Remodel

Last week I felt kinda … “off.” I arrived late to appointments, forgot random letters and words in emails and handwritten correspondence, and in the end, didn’t even get my weekly round-up posted.

I know it’s Monday, not really the day for leisurely reading, but felt these were worthy of sharing. So better late than never, Here are the links, making up for lost time. 

What to expect with your remodel, Declaration of Independence, what to do when your water heater bursts, America's looming rental crisis, Big Sur Dragon House for sale, concrete flooring...


Declaration of Independence - Beautiful text. 

What Do You Do When Your Water Heater Bursts?  - In case you didn't know. 

Investment plan to spur first-time home buyers - The state of Virginia has enacted a new law that will allow first-time home buyers to invest up to $50,000 in financial institutions and declare them first-time home buyer savings plan. Proponents hope the policy will stimulate the housing market by allowing potential homeowners to put their tax-free earnings toward a down payment or closing costs. The law was championed by the Virginia Association of REALTORS®.

As Home Sales Remain Restrained, Big Builder Eyes Home-Rental Market - First-time buyers have claimed a shrinking percentage of new home sales since 2011, which has led some builders to anticipate how long these buyers will be on the sidelines and strategize how to fill needs in the housing market. Many builders vary on how soon they think first-time and entry-level buyers will surge back into the market.

America's Looming Rental Crisis - The number of “renter households” increased by more than half a million in 2013 in the aftermath of the Great Recession. Experts analyzing the huge growth in the renting population caution that America’s housing crisis in the years ahead will primarily concern the supply of rentals units, as they are falling far behind growing demand. The mismatch in supply and demand could cause rents to soar in price.

Obama administration expands affordable housing plan - In order to bolster the construction of affordable rental housing and extend the life of a program aimed at helping homeowners avoid foreclosure, the Obama Administration has announced it will tap Treasury funds for financial support. For example, the Federal Financing Bank could provide $500 million to $1 billion in annual funding for rental housing projects.

Big Sur's Legendary Dragon House and Arresting Views of the Pacific - Perched on a cliff above California's dramatic Big Sur coastline, the Dragon House lives up to its name, with abundant built-in dragon carvings, including two large examples flanking the staircase. The 10-acre property earns its legendary status, however, with its utterly arresting views of the Pacific Ocean, complemented by broad windows and expansive outdoor entertaining spaces. A fascinating combination of exceedingly unique design and universally renowned views, the compound includes a guest house, caretakers cottage, "ocean room," and the wood-paneled main house. The property is currently listed for almost $4,000,000, but is that too much to lure the average multi-millionaire into this palace of winged serpents?

Objects of Desire: Beautifully Individual Concrete Floors - Concrete comes in more colors and finishes than ever before. See if these 6 floors open your eyes to the possibilities. Some of my favorites:

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