Friday, June 6, 2014


The Future of Home Automation: Cheap, Wearable and Mobile!

The future of home automation, what American homeowners really want, housing on the mend, underwater homes in Silicon Valley fall 40%, cash deals for homes reach record with boomers retiring, 8 ongoing homeowner expenses, new strategies for hiding the TV


What do American homeowners really want? - The median and average size of a new single-family home built in 2013 hit new all-time highs of 2,384 and 2,598 square feet, thereby showing that Americans haven’t lost their desire for the bigger the better. According to new data, larger, more luxurious homes are one segment of new home sales that are flourishing.

Housing on the Mend, Ever So Gradually - An important sign of health for the housing market is whether builders of new homes are selling more houses than banks do. Hanley Wood, a real estate research firm, calculated the extent to which housing is on the mend.

Number of underwater homes falls 40 percent as Silicon Valley rebound continues - Continuing last year's trend, Silicon Valley's economic recovery has resulted in more homeowners coming up from under water, with the latest figures revealing that about 8 percent of properties remain at values lower than what they were pre-recession.

Cash Deals for Homes Reach Record With Boomers Retiring - A record number of Americans are using equity gained from home-price gains to pay cash for properties, thereby avoiding the mortgage process. According to Bloomberg analysis, in the first quarter, 29 percent of non-investment homebuyers used cash, the highest on record for the period.The Ins and Outs of Homeowners Associations

8 Ongoing Homeowner Expenses – and How to Prepare For Them - If you plan to purchase a home this summer, next summer – or ever, you’re committing to costs both upfront – and after you own. Home ownership is a major financial commitment, so you need know exactly what those costs are in order to be prepared.

New Strategies for Hiding the TV - Its easy to be discreet when you've got cabinets, panels and high-tech TV hiders like these. My favorites:

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