Friday, February 7, 2014


This post was inspired by current clients of mine who are open-minded and forward thinking, prompting the search for up and coming neighborhoods.

Price is relative. When a client tells me that something is too expensive, or calls something cheap, I usually ask, "For whom? And compared to what?" Here's an interesting collection of how one makes do in the Bay Area.

It's no secret that it's expensive living in a tech-hub like San Francisco or San Jose. I find these 5 truths of tech-hub housing costs to be fairly accurate from my experience as a Realtor. For those who are considering looking off the beaten path, learn to look for signs of an upcoming neighborhood - they're out there.

Before you start dropping gobs of money on anything, consider whether it's cheaper to buy or rent, and check out some more financial trends. I find the freelancing vs full-time employment trend worth noting, mainly because  income / income growth, job growth, and housing are interconnected. As you ease into your search, consider things to not worry about during househunting

In addressing 2014 as the year of the move up seller, if you're not sure of when to sell, there's 5 ways to pick the perfect time to sell. Any and all of them make sense. You might want to remember the garage to help buyers visualize your home's potential. Here are some ideabooks, with my favorites:

I'm curious:
- Buyers, what advice have you received for getting into the housing market?
- Sellers, were you ever in an upcoming neighborhood?
- Dwellers, how are you making do in the Bay Area?

PS Next week is Valentine's Day. Please take your favorite Realtor (me) here. All the better if you bring me orchids, a la Georgia O'Keefe, as they were friends.